Episode 16: “Defund” May Not Be The Answer!

In this episode, Tom and Chris discuss defunding police departments and what that may actually mean to places around the country.  They also discuss how less radical ideas may help resolve some of the issues.   Tom brought up the fact that there are many police officers retiring around the country and the likely causes. …

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Safe Call Now

Public Safety professionals deal with some of the hardest situations we can imagine. We must answer the calls for help and maintain readiness, despite the toll it takes on us personally. We are so focused on being strong for our jobs, we often neglect ourselves and those closest to us. Some of us suffer from…

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Episode 5 Police Suicide

In this episode, Tom and Chris discuss the horrible reality that is Police Suicide.  Reports state that in 2019,  228 Officers took their own lives.  Some states are taking large steps to reduce if not eliminate this epidemic. Tom and Chris discuss the influence of the public perception of policing as well as the stress…

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