In this episode, Tom and Chris ongoing protesting over social injustice.  This constant bombardment of negativity is taking its toll on First-Responders and they are feeling it. 

Some interesting questions came up during our discussion:

Do you think the old mantra regarding compliance vs non-compliance is still true today?  Meaning people when facing LE should automatically comply, or else that means they are going to fight/resist/escape.  Is it THAT simple?  Or should we consider that each person reacts based on their own experiences? 

Do you think either ALL cops  are good/safe?  Or is it possible that many are good/safe, but some are not?  What about protesters?  Do you think it’s dangerous to paint people with such broad brushes?  Doesn’t that remove the human element altogether?

Can you listen to someone intently while defending yourself against someone who you feel insulted you?  Do you think this contributes to the polarization we see today?

All of us could use a good dose of perspective once in a while to keep ourselves grounded in reality.  We should treat each other with kindness, compassion, and respect.

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