A podcast dedicated to the brave women and men in Public Safety, sworn and civilian, who give all in the service of others.

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Episode 15: The Secret is Empathy

In this episode, Tom and Chris discuss the role of First Responders in Crisis Intervention.  They discuss what it means to be in Crisis and the fact that a...

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Episode 14: We Need to Heal

In this episode, Tom and Chris talk about the emotional toll the protests (mainly the agitators) have taken on our Law Enforcement Officers.  In these tough times, it’s important...

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Episode 13: Down on One Knee

In this episode, Chris and Tom discuss the death of George Floyd at the hands of 4 Minneapolis Police Officers and the public’s response, both good and bad.  They...

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Episode 12: Use of Force talk with Danny King!

In this episode, we talk with Danny King.  Danny is a  Police Officer, Use of Force Expert, and owner of AmericanPatrolman.com.  Danny discusses the steps to a use of...

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Episode 11: Pain Meds Are No Joke!

In this episode (which is a day late), Chris talks about getting a hip replacement and the fun of recovery.  Tom discusses current Corona Craziness events in the US...

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Episode 10: Corona Life…you can’t just add lime to make it better!

Tom and Chris discuss the economic and social impact of Corona Virus on the Las Vegas area.  This also impacts the way policing is done.  Recently, the Las Vegas...

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Featured Guests

Episode 9

Matthew “Matt” Zobrist, originally from Utah, graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 1998 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He was hired by the City of Henderson Police Department that same year, where he served as a Police Officer until retiring as a Sergeant in 2016.

Matt completed his Juris Doctorate at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2006. He was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 2007. 


Danny King


Danny King is a police officer for a 480-person agency in the Las Vegas area.  Since 1998 he has worked as a Patrol Officer, K9 Handler (Patrol, Narcotics, SWAT), Problem Solving/ Street Crimes Detective, and In-Service Training Officer.

Since 2012 he has specialized in the Use of Force Training and Analysis Unit of his agency where he has been responsible for conducting administrative investigations into Officer Involved Shootings, Uses of Force, and Critical Incidents.  The reviews focus on the facts, legal aspects, tactics, policies, training and lessons learned from the incident.  These findings are used to better the officer, department and training.  Danny is one of two officers responsible for evaluating 250+ use of force incidents a year for policy and legal compliance.

Danny is a Use of Force, Instructor Development, Excited Delirium, Less Lethal Impact Munitions and Master Taser Instructor.  He is also a firearms trainer for his department.  Danny is Force Science Analyst, Advanced Force Science Specialist and Certified Litigation Specialist in Police Use of Force.


Chris Gerhardt

Episode 19

Chris Gerhardt  is a School Resource Officer for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota.  He started a suicide prevention campaign called “DON’T GIVE UP!” which uses yard signs with positive messages that remind people of their worth in society. 

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