Chris White

Episode 12: Use of Force talk with Danny King!

In this episode, we talk with Danny King.  Danny is a  Police Officer, Use of Force Expert, and owner of  Danny discusses the steps to a use of force investigation and the importance of thorough investigations and detailed report writing.   We also discuss special considerations of Body Worn Cameras and the importance of…

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Safe Call Now

Public Safety professionals deal with some of the hardest situations we can imagine. We must answer the calls for help and maintain readiness, despite the toll it takes on us personally. We are so focused on being strong for our jobs, we often neglect ourselves and those closest to us. Some of us suffer from…

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Firefighter Suicide Awareness

Please take a look at the article (linked below) from about Firefighter suicide. It discusses many things that people either don’t know about, or turn away from in hope that those things will pass. This is a real problem for so many of our Public Safety professionals and it is imperative that all of…

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