9: Episode 9: Worker’s Comp talk with Matt!

In this episode, Retired Police Sgt and now Attorney, Matt Zobrist, discusses worker’s compensation and the pitfalls Public Safety employees face.  Matt discusses the legal aspects of WC (specifically in Nevada) and the guidelines that all parties (employee, employer, insurance company) must  follow.  Matt also discusses treatment, light/modified duty, and pay considerations.

Matt’s list of top considerations when an employee gets injured on duty:

  • Report to your employer with clear and complete documentation within statutory time frames 
  • Make sure that when you seek treatment, you clearly articulate how you sustained the injury as well as a complete and exhaustive list of affected body parts.
  • Be aware of the statutory time frames and complete your steps within them.
  • Know your rights as it pertains to selecting physicians (within the statutory time).

Matt also discussed the Heart and Lung Bill in Nevada.  He talked about who it covers, for how long, and for what conditions.

Finally, we discussed the Corona Virus and how it pertains to Public Safety personnel who contract the illness. 

Matt works for the GGRM Law Firm in Las Vegas and urges any Public Safety personnel with Worker’s Comp questions to email him at MZobrist@GGRMLawFirm.com.  He will gladly explain the process to you so that you can rest a little easier.

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